My current work is primarily based on the residual psychological effects of personal history and the physical and temporal impact that our lives and bodies have on the people and objects around us. This history has an indexical effect on me and, by association, my interactions with others. Such an imprint can be subtle or blatant as I am weighted down by physical and mental residue. This body of work asks viewers to consider this weight and how it affects daily interaction in a new way, shifting our perception of current and future relationships.


This work is heavily influenced by my former religious training and explores both my role and the role of women within this context. Having been told for many years that my body existed to be of service to men and children, I am continually in the process of healing and seeking a healthy replacement for the large void left by my self-sentenced exile from the church.


Through visual investigation, experiential fragments reveal themselves in a testimony of personal description. The work, sometimes guarded but with pieces of the recognizable, allows for a painful yet welcome reckoning. Ultimately, these pieces are an attempt to understand and describe self, space, and a personal theology in transformation.

All works © Sophia Ruppert 2019.
Please do not reproduce without the expressed consent of Sophia Ruppert.
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