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Sophia Ruppert earned an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a BFA in Sculpture from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


Her work has been exhibited nationally in galleries and museums including the Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana, The Virago in Contemporary Art and Adornment in Seattle, Washington, Art St. Louis in St. Louis, Missouri, and the Rockford Art Museum in Rockford Illinois.

Notable awards include the Dan and Barbara Creative Achievement Award, the Vreeland Award, and the Othmer Fellowship.


In 2020, she received the Mayors Art Award from the Kimmel Foundation for the arts in Lincoln, Nebraska and the Gilbert Bayes Award from the Royal Society of Sculptors in London.


Her international publications include "Art Hole" Issue 9 UK, "Bluebee" Volume 6 UK, "The Working Artist I" UK, and "Contrastes de Forma" Brazil.


Ruppert currently lives and works in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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